Our aim is to provide a warm, friendly and caring environment where each child will receive encouragement to develop socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually.

We believe that one of the most important aims of the Centre is the development of high self-esteem in children. We recognise that each child has unique capabilities and our programmes support and encourage each child to develop self-confidence and to see themselves as a capable individual.

Our aim is to support and compliment parents in the role of nurturing children through the early childhood years.

At any time, parents can access information about activities and experiences provided by the Centre & child development outcomes and goals set to achieve these.

Please inform the Centre of any change of information outlined in your child’s enrolment form (especially if there are any changes in custody arrangements) as this could save any future inconvenience or misunderstanding.

At our Centre we have no discriminatory policies and we welcome children and their families from all walks of life.