Should you have any concerns or queries regarding the service provided, the Nominated Supervisor is on hand to discuss the matter with you. We will value these concerns for the opportunity they give us to improve our service.

The Office for Early Childhood Education and Care has approved Creative Play Ferny Grove Child Care Centre in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulation 2011.

Information regarding these regulations is available from the Nominated Supervisor or can be obtained from the Office for Early Childhood Education and Care.


Copies of the programs are available for viewing in each room. Parents are encouraged to provide input to these programs. A copy of the room routine is attached to this handbook.

Parents can ask to see their child’s developmental records at any time.


Each room has a set of goals for their group. These can be viewed in the relevant room.

Emergency and Evacuation Drills

A fire drill will be held monthly to provide staff and volunteers at the centre with adequate instruction for safety evacuation of the child care centre in the case of fire or other emergencies and in the use of fire safety equipment.