Staff members at Creative Play are Early Childhood professionals with the appropriate experience, qualifications, knowledge and training in Early Childhood development and care. Centre staff members work together as a team to provide a relaxed and friendly environment for the children and families. Staff members are encouraged to upgrade their qualifications and keep up-to-date with Early Childhood Development through in-service training.

The National Law determines the staff ratio. These ratios are:

6 weeks – 15 months 1 : 4

15 months – 2 years 1 : 5

2 years – 3.5 years 1 : 6

3 years – 6 years 1 : 11

All Educators at the Centre have a current First Aid certificate, Anaphylaxis and Asthma training.

Information about staff qualifications and room allocations can be viewed in the Centre foyer, with the photographs of each Educator.

Students and Volunteers

The Centre will occasionally provide students and volunteers undertaking Early Childhood studies with practical work experience in child development. You will be informed of these visits by your child’s group leader.

Staffing during resting periods

For the Toddlers Group which includes children under 2 years of age the number of staff will be 2 to comply with the ratio for the group as stated in Schedule 1.

For the Pre-Kindergarten Group, the Kindergarten Group and the Preschool Group the number of staff will be 1 less than the number required to comply with the ratio for the group stated in Schedule 1 (but at least 1). In addition to these qualified carers, there will be always be at least 2 adult staff members present at the Centre working in these rooms and able to attend with any of these groups immediately if required.