You provide food for your child allowing you to maintain an awareness of your child’s eating habits and preferences. Educators will advise you if your child is not eating what you send; uneaten food is sent home. Families are asked to supply their own nappies, allowing you to choose the most appropriate brand for your child.

Please remember to NAME EVERYTHING, bags, clothes, lunch boxes/bags, shoes, sheets, etc.

Every child needs to bring a bag containing:

  • 1 hat
  • 1 spare set of clothes
  • Spare knickers/underpants if toilet training, (4 pairs)
  • Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea in small separate containers.
  • Drink bottle for water.
  • Fitted cot sheet in a drawstring bag.
  • Nappies, if required, (at least 5 per day).

On enrolment / the beginning of each year parents are asked to pay a levy.

Levy for Toddlers – Pre-Kindy – $35.

Levy for Junior Kindy – Kindy – $25.

Personal Toys

Sufficient toys are provided for the children’s use at the Centre. It would be appreciated if the children’s own toys and possessions are not brought to the Centre.